A work in Progress--Work Plan for 2017

Below is the result of the Board Retreat on February 25 2017

League of Women Voters - Upper St. Croix Valley Making Democracy Work!
2017 Work Plan
Organization Development | Civic Education | Communication | Engagement

Organizational Development – Create an administrative structure to sustain the LWV-USCV
Define Roles & Responsibilities of Leadership
  1. Define roles and responsibilities of:
    1. Board member roles
    2. Committee chairs
    3. Members (associate members, supporters)
  2. Form Committees
    1. Nominating
    2. Budget
    3. Communication
    4. Membership
    5. Program
Future agenda items for board meetings:
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Define communication process?
  • Prepare write-ups of committee descriptions for Annual Meeting.
  • (2017 Elections for Chair, Secretary, Media Position and one Board Member at Large.)
Board members
Budget Committee
  1. Form budget committee
    1. Create 2017 budget
  2. Define Sustainable Fund Development

Board members
Develop Calendar
  1. Add the following dates to the calendar
    1. 6 Board meetings (3rd Tuesday of month)
    2. 1 Annual meetings (April 30)
    3. 4 Member meetings
    4. Misc Events to be added as scheduled
  • Set the 2017 calendar at next meeting
  • Review calendar at all the meetings
  • Set process
    • Who updates it
  • Where do we share it
Board members
Communication – Enhance visibility through diverse forms of communication
Form communication committee
  1. Prepare committee description for Annual Meeting
  2. Recruit members
  • 1 Board member
  • Define committee roles
  • Workplan
Evaluate Communication Technology (tools)
  1. Website (blogsite)
  2. email
  3. Facebook Page???
  4. Google Drive (share documents)
  5. Email
  6. Listserv

Communication Committee
Engage in External Communication (outside LWV-USCV)
  1. Utilize Community Outreach Channels
    1. Press Releases
    2. PSAs
    3. Radio spots (“Live Chat” in Amery, WOJB, 93.1, WPR, Red Rock), Pine City
    4. Cable TV
    5. Update our blogspot regularly
    6. post flyers, posters, etc.
  • Create media contact list

Engage in Regular Communication Internal (members and board)
  1. Start a newsletter?
  2. Regularly post information to our website
  3. Share news on our Facebook page
  4. Listserv
  • Create email list, google drive? Make sure members can view information.
  • Board minutes to all?

Engagement – Enhance participation in the mission of LWV-USCV through increased membership & active involvement

Form Membership Committee
  1. Prepare committee description for Annual Meeting
  2. Recruit members
  • 1 Board member
  • Define committee roles
  • workplan
Evaluate membership recruitment process
  • Recommend tactics
Membership Committee
Increase Membership Numbers & Diversity
  1. Communicate what membership means
  2. Increase diversity
    1. Youth
    2. Republicans
    3. Minority groups

Engage with Members
  1. New Members
    1. Provide new member welcome packet
    2. Host new member meetings
    3. Assign a mentor or buddy
  2. Member Retention & Member Involvement
  3. Create clear volunteer opportunities
  4. Have clear tasks for volunteers to sign up for
  5. Agenda item on all member meeting to discuss member satisfaction

Host Regular Meetings
  1. Plan annual meeting as a celebration of year’s accomplishments
  2. Hold member meetings (fun)
  3. Hold regular “Unit” program meetings (pick a theme, i.e. ed forums)

Share LWV Info (with all members)
  1. Share workplan
  2. Share meeting minutes
  3. Share volunteer opportunities

Civic Education – Provide civic education in the Upper St. Croix Valley
Form Program Committee
  1. Prepare committee description for Annual Meeting
  2. Recruit members
  • 1 Board member
  • Define committee roles
  • workplan
Plan and evaluate educational opportunity plan
  1. Host Educational Forums
  2. Get out the Vote
  3. Host Voter Registration
  4. Clinic Host Candidate Forums

Engage Youth
  1. Voter registration clinic
  2. Youth member on the board
    1. Form communication

Create/Participate Annual Event Calendar
  1. Committee members communicate with Board about scheduling

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