38 participate in Grantsburg Village Board Forum!

The Grantburg Friends of the Library laid a wonderful spread for the 38 folks that participated in the 2017 LWV USCV Candidate Forum for 3 contested Village of Grantsburg Board of Trustees seats and for the contested President of the Board position. A cordial atmosphere was created at once as the room filled.

Library Director Kristina Kelly-Johnson welcomed the crowd to the Bruce E Erickson Learning Center of the Grantsburg Public Library. Marilyn Chesnik welcomed all on behalf of the LWV Upper Saint Croix Valley and talked about the two and a half years that went into getting our chapter off the ground and to this event. Judge Ken Kutz, the evening's moderator, followed to explain the rules that would govern the forum.

Each candidate stood in turn and spoke about themselves, their vision for the Village and what they hope to accomplish in their tenure on the board. Questions followed both pre-submitted and directly from the audience. Each candidate spoke to the questions in turn.

Here are some photos of the evening. Click on the photos to get a larger view.

Library Director Kristina Kelly-Johnson welcomes the crowd

Marilyn Chesnk talks about our chapter of the Wisconsin LWV

Judge Ken Kutz explains the rules of the forum

Candidates spoke in turn about themselves and their vision 

An enjoyable evening learning about Village government issues

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